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well, i finally have a free minute! the last couple of weeks have been crazy! probably the two best things that have happened since i wrote have been: i am dating the most wonderful woman ever! she's fantastic, the kindof woman a man wouldn't mind to settle down with! and the other thing is that i got the job at the hospital and i start monday! i can't wait, i am sooo excited! geez, much has happened! i was in a climbing competition and we got 2nd! i don't know how i did individually yet, but i will find out soon enuf! i have met alot of friends that want me to go to different places of tn to climb and that is craziness! i had about 15 girls get mad at me when i started dating stephanie and that was pretty funny! i acted goofy this week b\c it is homecoming week! um,....i did something romantic! i slipped a note in stephanie's locker and it said, " i was wondering if maybe you would want to go to the dance with me. of course you don't have to if you don't want to! love,!" and the next day i brought her a flower, which i ment to give to her the day before with the little note but completely forgot! and today, i got the most awesome head rub ever! a man couldn't ask for more and if he does, he is being greedy!! well i am gonna go take a shower now, i will spare the other details! later folks!

much love,
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