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hurray for inservice......

well, thanks to inservice, i now have a 4 day weekend! and i have no idea what i am goin to do either! probably work the whole freakin time! oh man, i was washing my truck yesterday for the first time in 2 months and dad pulled up and got out and handed me a new cell phone! it is soooo awesome! i love it! 150 minutes a month for 25 dollars and some of the accessories are caller id, call waiting, voice recognition, voice mail,etc.... it is sooo cool! i walked around school with it all day just to show off! it was funny b\c my health science teacher was like," awww it is sooo cute!" but anyway!
i am sooo bored! i can't go to our football game b\c it is too far away! and i don't want to drive all over east tennessee just to find the field, plus i have no party to go to after! so i guess, well, i don't know! i think i will see if i can go to aaron (best friends) house! we can goof off and do nothing! well, i am gonna go now! talk to you later peeps!
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