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what a beautiful day...........

you know, sometimes, i wish i wasn't soo romantic and sweet and kind and .....whatever else i am! i can't wait, tomorrow is the homecoming dance and i am gonna take stephanie to dinner before and my best friend, aaron hall is gonna take stephanie's friend stacy! and i think i am gonna take the impala (phat car) b\c she deserves to ride in an awesome car like that! not some little bitty truck, like i have! plus i can't fit all 4 of us in the truck! but that all depends on if mom will let me b\c if i can i will have to drive it to school b\c she doesn't get home till like 6-6:30 and i am going at 5, so let's cross our fingers! well, i am gonna go now! you all have a nice day! take it ez!

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