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nothing to do.......

well, i am sooo bored waiting for somebody to call me so that i can go PARTY tonight after our game! it will be so much fun if i get to go! if not i will be soo f****** pissed! my parents do that all the time! they suck really bad! and for some reason they don't trust me even though i tell them everything about everything! i even ask first instead of just leaving and calling them later! and they won't even be home tomorrow b\c they are going out of town for my sisters soccer tournament! and i have to work tomorrow night which will suck! oh,.......i just got back from an interview at the hospital and it went awesome! not only did i have a really hott chick interviewing me but she likes me and said that she will push human resources to call me about takin a drug test so that i can start right away! whooooooooopieeeeee! i can't wait! i am so excited about workin there! it will be awesome! well, i gotta go! talk to y'all later! later jess and laura!

g'day all
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