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it's been a while.............

well, hello to all my peeps....i am sorry that it has been awhile since you last heard from me but that is the life of a pimp, know what imean?
ok, this is really weird, but it seems i have a new admirer! i can't yet figure out who the hell it is! their name is somebody, but it sounds like some smart @$$ guy! b\c he like the elve comic book series which i don't think has been in print for a while now! but anyway, if you have any idea who it is let me know please!
jess, babe, i was serious with my offer, and i have been prayin for you! maybe later you can tell me about the situation you are in! but anyway, gimme an update about how you have been! k?
laura, don't listen to what people say, i did for 12 years of my life and it got me nowhere. just be yourself and don't worry about what other people tell, you! like, "oh, what happened? he was such a cute kid!" i had to put up with $hit like that too!! but anyway,....i gotta go now, talk to you all later! best of luck to all of you! have a great day or night!

g'night y'all

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