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Do we really need parents?

well, i say that b\c now that i can drive i really don't need them anymore other than the fact that they feed me and give me shelter and occasionally the 10 spot! i am not going to say that i hate him, but i really don't like my dad right now! he put a block on what time i can get on and how long i can get on for! it really made me mad! this is about the only time other than at like 10 oclock that i can check my mail b\c i am always busy! i mean right now i am on under my mom's sn! it sucks bad! and then he threatens to cut aol off! well, if he did that i would just buy a modem for my computer and get my own aol! and as long as i pay for it then he can't say nothing! i think that is what i will do! anyway....laura, i was wonderin where you got those cool little guys that aren't so plain! they are soo cool! well, until i can get some more friends on here, i am goin to give a holla to my buds,....laura and jess! wassssssssssup? well, jess, it can't be much longer until college! i bet you are soo excited! well, peeps, i gotta go now! talk to y'all later! from down here in tennessee, g'day!

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