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today is boomsday and i think that me, john(bud from church), candace(gave me the kiss last night), and like 10 of his friends are going to boomsday(big fireworks display) and asked me if i want to go! well, of course i want to go it is just a matter of parents giving me permission! even though i am 17 and i have been driving cars since i was 12 they still treat me like i just now started driving! it is crazy and i can't stand it! but i really really really really want to go! it is soooooo awesome! i want to bring my friend but he is deaf and hard to keep track of b\c no matter how loud you yell his name, he never responds. brb. phone was ringing!sisters! bluh!! well, anyway, i have to go now b\c my friend aaron is iming me and i can't type and i am tooo excited!later peeps!
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