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well, grrrrrrrrrrrrr! i give up for now! i will type it later!
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Hey Kevin! My name's Laura. I'm friends with Jessie Cope here in Ohio. She said to write to you because you're a nice guy, and from what I've read, she's telling the truth. I'd love to have an old fashioned guy! If I could find a guy like that, I'd definately go for him, so your luck w/the ladies can't be that bad. I'm sure there's lots of girls out there that feel the same way I do ;)
well, i am a nice guy just a little wiered sometimes! i was havin a real bad day when you i typed that but now i am all better! you know, you would be suprised how weird it is down here! one of the girls i dated dumped me for some pott-head guy that gives her illegal drugs to take! it's like down here girls prefer a bad a** instead of some one that will treat them with respect! oh well, talk to you later!
Hey, we're all a little weird sometimes :) I'm glad you feel better! Thanks for responding to my comment!! Talk to ya later...